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My Name Is James Roberts And I Am An Author.  

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craft my stories and how each of those stories challenges the reader to search through each character's inner feelings, although disturbing at times, and align them to your feelings of right and wrong. The reader will blend into the story and experience life-like experiences as if they, themselves, are beside each character through their journey within the story.

The Books 

The reader is challenged by the experiences seen through the eyes of my characters, and although fictional in nature, allows the reader to experience real-life situations relatable to their world, and invites the reader to explore their inner feelings of right and wrong based on those experiences.

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Although shocked by the experiences each character had endured, I felt like I was actually there beside them sharing those experiences.


Graphic scenes; James Roberts certainly knows how to bring them to life through his technique of writing. I especially enjoyed the erotic sex scenes...


James Roberts

CEO - James Roberts Publishing

I am an emerging author of books involving Murder, Assault, Sex, Erotica, Romance, and Deceit.

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Get a free chapter of my latest book.


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